Lawdamassey by Janice Massey

Lawdamassey by Janice Massey
I never felt the need to compete with anyone.  I wish the best for every woman, man or child that’s doing their thing.  I try to keep business and personal separate, as a matter of fact, I never heard or care to hear what  or, if anything is being said about me, that’s personal mess that does not have any place in business, unless you are running a gossip blog.   I keep my eyes open to see who is the best at what they do, learn from that person and implement what I’ve learned into the Lawdamassey Brand.  I have my own vision and I create my own marketing style to fit my brand.  My focus was never about the money, or sales. It was always been, and forever will be about my brand, sales just happens to be the icing on the cake.  You will
always generate income if you build a solid brand.


Janice Massey


Janice Massey


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