As a child, I used to go in the department stores with my mother and I would see clothing that was so off the wall, unique so to speak, and I would say to myself “who would buy these?” But as I got older and developed into my own, I understood what personal style is.  
Growing up in Boston I remember when I first saw GOTHIC style, I was so mesmerized and wished I was that self confident, not so much much wearing goth, but I wanted to be that girl who wasn’t afraid to embrace fashion the outside the box. I was too afraid that world would not accept me, as me. It took me a while to embrace my own individuality and uniqueness, and not worried about what the “world” thought of me and my style. Especially not taking putting on clothes so serious.  
Dressing up is all about fun. It’s liberating to get up, get dressed and look in the mirror and say damn, I look good! Loving yourself for being your own unique you, knowing that there are all type of unique people out here as yourself. As much as there are people, there is a designer for each and every single one of them.

Fast forward to me as a designer; when I made my first earrings I was worried and nervous that people would not like it, and how that kind of rejection would impact my self confidence. I had to remind myself that not everyone is going to like everything I put out. Not pleasing everyone does not equate to failure. I have a friend that does not like large statement pieces, but she’s supports me by purchasing the pieces that fits her personal style.   
In essence, all I needed was to tap into that audience that I was trying to reach; But first, I had to remind myself that even though my designs are somewhat unique, there is also an individual person and another, and another, that’s out there trying to find that piece of accessory to complete them, and that could be a Lawdamassey design. I had to shift focus because clearly, I was worried about my non targeted audience, when I should have been more focused on the ones that’s out there searching for a unique and nonconformist designer like myselves. 
The reality is, I am the kind of girl that will throw a party and believe that I would be the only one there, and that will never changed, until the room gets crowded. Meaning: That we all have a little insecurity about ourselves and it’s ok. As weird as it is humbling, it is also refreshing to see people embrace my designs and actually wear them, to me, that is bananas and surreal at the same damn time.  
My message is, to be yourself and not worry about what the outside thinks of you. As long as you are happy and confident in your own skin, and is willing to embrace your ecliptic and uniqueness, who cares what they think. The outside world will just have to adjust to you, do not conform to the world, let them meet you were you are.    
xoxo Janice 


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