If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I don’t believe in breaking the bank in order to look fashionable. Ok, I agree you can splurge every now and then, if you are not sacrificing the rent to do so. That’s why when I am curating merchandise for my store I always make sure they are of quality, first and foremost, and affordable.

What I wore and how I styled it. I paired this jacket from my store with some tight from CVS, mind you I have Wolford tights that cost so much more than this entire outfit, but that’s for a later blog post. I also wore a Steve Madden heels, and earrings also from Shop Lawdamassey. I believe I paid ten dollars for the bracelet I purchased years ago. The lipstick is from my own collection, Lawdamassey Beauty, and there you have it. Less than three hundred dollars, with entry into the party and drinks. I don’t usually drink when I go out, not even when I have a designated driver. So yes you can have all eyes on you without breaking the bank.


#EARRINGS $45 @shoplawdamassey Earrings

#JACKET $69 @shoplawdamassey Jacket

#LIPSTICK $11 @lawdamasseybeauty Lips

#TIGHTS $7 @cvs Tights

#SHOES $89 @stevemadden Shoes

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