Here’s a little trick I picked up while on vacation sometime ago. As you know vacays are supposed to be documented even if it’s for your eyes only, and you absolutely want to look your best, especially your makeup.

My go to makeup, are mascara , eyebrow pencil and lipstick. I can live with that, but I absolutely cannot live without either.

On this one night I started to get dressed for a night out. While applying my makeup I realized I grabbed the wrong container of mascara, oh no, no mascara, no eyelashes.

Meaning, I have little to none to begin with. To think, I would usually apply more than one, or up to three different mascaras at a time, because I hardly ever wore fake lashes.

At first I panicked, then I went into survival mode and said, think girl think! I immediately ran to the bathroom, turned the facet on hot and lay my empty mascara container in a cup, and let the hot ran on it for about 20 seconds.

Guess what guys?

You guessed it.

I had mascara. Whew! What ever little that was left and dried up in the container, melted and I was able to finished my makeup. I saved my night and myself. Thank goodness, or I would had to try that paper bag over my head trick.

Anyhow, I did that for the rest of the vacation and felt like the mascara fairy godmother since then.

Try it and me know if it works for you.

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