I consider myself a multifaceted woman. There are so many sides to me. Take diamonds for instance, they are usually cut to be multifaceted, with many angled flat surfaces, because this increases their ability to reflect light. That’s how I feel about myself. Shining bright like a diamond 🙂 –

I am a salon owner and a lifestyle online apparel boutique owner. In 2013 I launched my own t-shirt line call “Lawdamassey Couture”, surprisingly in a matter of months it became an instant success.

2015 was a major year for me. That’s the year, one of my life long dreams came true. I started designing my own jewelry line, which is consist of statement earrings, neck, foot, and hand cuffs, one of my most successful venture to date. With many projects on the horizon and appearing on the MTV hit show “Made” my brand is slowing moving in the right direction. This goes to show, as women we can do or be whatever we set our minds to.