In my opinion, all art form within itself are beautiful.  I love artist,  I love their vibes, I how amazing they are at what they do,  and how they have the ability to capture emotions effortlessly.   I love how they expresses themselves  through their craft; the fact that they can look at you and use a pencil and paper or whatever method they uses to make something beautiful and unique appears, is simply amazing to me.  

Art can lift your spirit, from emotionally drained to a Afro punk-hippie vibe  in minutes.  I can’t and won’t life without a piece of in my life. 

No matter what form it takes in the end,  I always appreciate the outcome of every piece of art.   I appreciate all the artist who felt I was worthy of their amazing talent and time. THANK YOU, I AM HUMBLED AND BEYOND GRATEFUL. 

Xo Lawd 😘